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During the October and November general membership meetings, nominations were opened for the 2016 PPWC Local 1 executive positions. The executive elections were held at the mill site at end of November. Below is a list of our 2016 local executive.

The 2016 PPWC Local 1 Executive

President – Kelly Johnson

1st Vice President – Larry Walker

2nd Vice President – Craig Swanson

Financial Secretary – Quinn Glock

Recording Secretary – Bryan Keep

Trustee – Dave MacKinnon

Trustee – Cheryl Buckley

Guard – Bill Pottle

Guard – Cory Quidding

N.E.B. Member – Neil Bermel

Chief Shop Steward – Darren Pilla

Health and Welfare Chairman – Ron Graham

Health and Welfare Vice Chairman – Dave MacKinnon

Safety Chairman – Steve Stefoniuk

Environment and Forestry Chairman – Warren Reynolds

Environment and Forestry Vice Chairman – Dean MacKinnon

NEB Alternate – Kelly Johnson

Convention Delegates

Kelly Johnson

Chris Cargill

Larry Walker

Steve Stefoniuk (Alternate)

Wage Delegates

Kelly Johnson

Chris Cargill

Larry Walker

Neil Bermel

Darren Pilla (Alternate)

Craig Swanson (Alternate)

The modern workplace is a complex arena that presents both local and global challenges. The PPWC Local 1 executive has and will continue to promote the long term success of our business, environmental issues, sustainability of our natural resources, and community concerns.

With the continued support of the membership, the newly elected executive will continue to work hard in defense of the collective agreement and ensure our rights stay protected. Keep in mind that an injury to one is an injury to all, you are the union, so stay involved.

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