The purpose of this local shall be to promote and protect the social, physical and economic welfare of its members, to bargain collectively and in good faith with the employers of its members in the best interest of its membership. To this end no member shall wrong another nor see another wronged if it is in his or her power to prevent it.


The National Union has jurisdiction over all workers employed in and around all Plants, Mills, Factories and Service Establishments.


(a) Application for membership in the Local Union shall be received by a Local Union Officer or his/her designate only.

(b) Application for membership shall be referred to the General Membership for acceptance or rejection at a General Meeting.

(c) Obligation: I ____________ solemnly and sincerely affirm that I shall at all times support the laws, regulations and decisions of this Local Union. I shall try at all times to obtain and secure employment for members of the Public and Private Workers of Canada. I shall not wrong a member or see him or her wronged if it is in my power to prevent it. Do you pledge your word in the presence of these witnesses that you accept this solemn obligation?

(d) The applicant shall present himself/herself for initiation not later than the third General Meeting following acceptance of his/her application.

(e) The Local will grant Honorary Membership to retiring members, who shall be allowed to attend and take part in meetings, without the right to vote or hold office.

(f) Members shall take vacation and floating holidays on scheduled days of work and may not schedule vacations and floaters on Murphy Days or scheduled days off. A weeks holiday shall not consist of less than forty (40) working hours average (It is understood that occasionally a Murphy Day shall occur in a holiday period). A floater shall not consist of less than eight (8) working hours’ average, except where a person has four (4) hours of floater time left, this can be taken according to the twelve (12) hour shift agreement.


(a) The initiation for new members shall be two (2) x base rate. If the applicant properly presents a Transfer or Withdrawal Card from any other Public and Private Workers of Canada Local, the initiation fee shall be waived by the Local.

(b) 1. The membership dues of the Local shall be base rate times .85 per week.
2. One hundred dollars ($100) shall be refunded, if four or more regular General Membership meetings have been attended between October 1st and September 30th. The monies will be given to those eligible after the membership meeting in December.

(c) All hourly employees are required to pay dues, assessments and initiation fees from the day of hire.


(a) The Officers of the Local shall include the following:
Vice-President (1st and 2nd)
Financial Secretary
Recording and Corresponding Secretary
Three (3) Trustees
Two (2) Guards (inside and outside)

(b) Including Article 5(a), and the following will constitute the Executive of Local 1:
National Executive Board Member
Chief Shop Steward
Standing Committee Members (2)
Health and Welfare Chairperson
Health and Welfare Vice-Chairperson
Wage Delegates (3) and Alternates (2)
Safety Chairperson
Environmental Chairperson
Newsletter Editor


It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings, enforce the Constitution, Laws, Rules and Customs of the Local, to decide all questions of order subject to an appeal to the Local, to cast the deciding vote, to sign all orders on the Financial Secretary for the disposition of funds authorized by the Local and to perform such duties as pertain to his/her office or which may from time to time be delegated to him/her by the Local. The President shall be member ex-officio of all committees within the Local. The President shall assume all responsibilities as related to the media and public.

The 1st Vice-President shall assist the President in the discharge of his/her office, fill his/her place in his/her absence and have such other duties as are customarily incident to his/her office, and shall be the Chairperson of the Standing Committee.

Shall assume Chairperson of the Automation Committee and shall be a member of the Union Standing Committee. The 2nd Vice-President fills the place of the 1st Vice President and President in their absence and has such other duties as are customarily incident to his/her office.

It shall be the duty of the Financial Secretary to receive all monies and all funds paid to the Local Union; to draw and sign for the disposition of funds authorized by the Local Union; to keep a correct financial account of each member together with the name and address of each; to report at the end of each month to the Local Union the number of members in good standing, all admissions, rejections, deaths, resignations, expulsions, suspensions and furnish the Recording and Corresponding Secretary a written copy of said report; to make no disbursements without approval of the Local Union, to make an itemized statement and report at the end of each quarter on the condition of his/her accounts and transactions of his/her office; to submit his/her books and accounts for inspection by the Trustees when called upon by them.

It shall be the duty of the Recording and Corresponding Secretary to keep minutes of each meeting, to read all correspondence and documents, to issue notices for the calling of meetings, to notify the National Secretary Treasurer of all newly elected officers, have charge of the seal and affix the same to all official documents, to maintain a correct list of the membership and their addresses, to keep a correct record of all applications for membership. In the absence of the President and the Vice-Presidents, he/she shall call the meeting to order and a Chairperson pro-tem will be elected by the Local Union.

It shall be the duty of the Trustees to have supervision over all funds and property of the Local Union, subject to such instructions as they may receive from time to time from the Local Union. They shall see that the Financial Secretary deposits all monies in such bank as the Local Union may decide and that he/she also deposits all bonds, notes or other securities in a safety deposit box in said bank. They shall instruct the officers of the bank to pay no money nor cash any bonds, notes or securities on the account of the Local Union except on an order or check signed by any two of the signing officers.

They shall examine the bank books monthly and see that all monies have been properly deposited and at the close of each quarter, secure verification by the bank of entries therein. They shall see that the Local Union’s books are audited annually by a Chartered Accountant or Certified General Accountant approved by the Local Union. The Trustees will have power to summon any officer or member to explain the condition of his/her records or any discrepancy that may appear therein and any officer or member so summoned shall be required to turn over to the Trustees all paper, records, books and property belonging to the Local Union demanded by them. The Trustees shall be responsible for the conducting of all elections and referendum balloting.

The position of Trustee shall be a three-year term and the individual in the second year of his/her term shall be the Privacy Officer for the Local.

It shall be the duty of the Guards to take charge of the doors at meetings to see that all present are entitled to remain, introduce candidates and attend to visiting members at regular membership meetings. They shall not permit the entrance of any unauthorized person or persons, nor any person under the influence of intoxicating liquor. They shall assist the Chairperson in preserving order and shall remove from the meeting any person so ordered by the Chairperson of the meeting. They shall escort and introduce all visitors to the Chairperson and allow no person to retire without the consent of the Chairperson.


(a) A nominee for office must have been a member in good standing of the Local for a period of one year immediately preceding his/her acceptance of nomination.

(b) With the exception of the Trustee and Standing Committee Members, all terms of office shall be for a period of one year or until their successors are elected. One Trustee and one Standing Committee Member shall be elected at the annual elections for a term of (Trustee) three (3) years and (Standing Committee) two (2) years respectively.

(c) Nomination of Local Officers and Executive Members shall commence at the regular monthly meeting in October and close at the regular monthly meeting of the following month. The election for these positions must be held prior to the election for positions mentioned in Article 6(d). Any elections to be held shall be finalized by January 15.

(d) Nomination of Local Convention Delegates, Wage Delegates and N.E.B. Alternate, shall commence at the regular monthly meeting in November and close at the regular monthly meeting of the following month. The person receiving the fourth highest number of votes as a Convention Delegate, shall be the Convention Delegate Alternate. The persons receiving the forth and fifth highest number of votes as Wage Delegates, shall be the Wage Delegate Alternates, with the fourth spot being the senior Alternate.

(e) The elections shall be by referendum ballot. The Trustees shall determine the number of ballots required and have them printed. The elections shall take place on three (3) consecutive days, to be determined by the Trustees. On the final day of elections the Ballot Box shall be opened and counted in the presence of the majority of the Trustees.

The following election policy is to be followed by the Trustees for all elections held when the Mill is operating:

1. Make notice of offices, candidates, policies and times of election as clear as possible.

2. Post sign “Election Today” at the main mill entrance by security.

3. Put note in Pulp Digest if possible, stating election and times.

4. Have balloting open at Union Hall for one hour on the last day of voting.

5. Contact Chief Shop Steward to notify all Shop Stewards of election. Shop Stewards shall notify their crews.

6. Have ballots as simple and clear as possible.

7. Make sure each shift (as per shift schedule) has at least one opportunity to vote at mill.

(f) A Local Union Officer may be recalled at any time by petition of twenty-five (25) percent of the Local Union Membership and endorsed by referendum vote. The Local Union Trustees will have ballots made up and conduct a referendum vote within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the said petition by the Local Union President. The referendum ballot shall be conducted in accordance with the Local Union By-Laws. A majority of votes cast shall be necessary to recall the Officer.

(g) Any Officer who absents him or herself from four (4) consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse will be suspended or his/her office declared vacant by the Local Union.

(h) In the event of a recall, death or resignation of a Local Officer, his/her successor will be elected by a referendum ballot.

(i) Any Member applying for a staff position shall not hold any Union position with Local # 1, including, but not restricted to, Officer’s, Executive, Shop Steward’s, Safety, or any Committee position. Such a Member shall not be eligible to hold any Union position until a period of no shorter that six (6) months after the staff position selection process has been completed.


(a) Regular membership meetings shall be held at least once monthly.

(b) Such meetings shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Meetings may be extended beyond 9:30 p.m. on a majority vote of those members present.

(c) Special meetings may be held at any time. At such meetings, the only business which may be conducted is that for which the meeting was called. Special meetings may be called by:

1. President.
2. A majority of the Executive Board.
3. A motion from the floor at a regular General Meeting.
4. A petition which states clearly, the reason for which the meeting is to be called.

Said petition to have not less than twenty (20) signatures and must be delivered to the President who will arrange the meeting. Before any business can be transacted, the presiding officer must determine that fifteen (15) petitioning members are present at the meeting. Notice for special meetings will state who or whom the meeting was called by.

(d) Regular Executive meetings shall be held at least once monthly. Five (5) members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum to hold such meeting. Fifteen (15) members of the Local will constitute a quorum of any membership meeting.

(e) When urgent affairs or business of the Local are jeopardized by lack of a quorum at a Regular Membership Meeting the Local Executive Board will be empowered to transact said business.

(f) Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.


(a) The signing officers of the Local shall be the President, Vice-President, Financial Secretary. All cheques drawn on the Local’s accounts shall be signed by any two (2) of these signing officers.

(b) All signing officers shall be bonded in the amount decided upon by the Local Union by a recognized Surety Company approved by the Local Union.

(c) All expropriation of Local Union funds for the purpose of donations must be approved by a majority vote of the members present at a Regular Meeting.

(d) The Executive Board may authorize payment of all operational expenses of the Local Union but otherwise is restricted to a maximum expenditure of one hundred (100) dollars.

(e) The Financial Secretary is authorized to pay all fixed operational costs which will include the following:

1. Rent
2. Per capita
3. Trust fund
4. Lights and phone
5. Per diem
6. Wages
7. Stationary
8. Janitor
9. Equipment rental

(f) In the event of a death of any member of our local, the widow or widower or next of kin shall be given an amount up to and not exceeding $3000.00. In the event that a member is found without a next of kin, the monies are to be used towards funeral expenses if proven necessary.

(g) All funds and property of the Local Union are held by the Local Union for the benefit of its members as described in Article 1 of these Bylaws. In the event that a decision as to an asset’s purchase, sale, transfer or other use is not already addressed by these By-laws, such decision must be approved by a majority vote of the members present at a Regular Meeting.


(a) There shall be a representative of this Local on each shift and preferably in each Department of the Company, to be known as a Shop Stewards.

(b) The Stewards shall be elected by the members in a department, from among their number and hold regular monthly meetings.

(c) Where the members of a department cannot agree upon a Shop Steward, he may be appointed by the Executive Board.

(d) No member can hold office of Shop Steward if not in good standing in this Local.

(e) Shop Steward may be relieved of his/her position by the Executive Board or the Local President for failure to perform his/her duties subject to approval of the next regular Membership Meeting.


(a) Shop Stewards shall promote the general welfare of the members of this Local, particularly in the department they represent. They shall be required at the regular Shop Steward’s meeting to report on the condition and welfare prevailing in their department. It is the duty of the Shop Stewards to attend these meetings or to produce a substitute to present a report. The Shop Stewards shall endeavour at all times to encourage the members to do their work in such a manner that the good name of Local No. 1 shall be maintained.

(b) Shop Stewards shall investigate that there is no breach in their departments of the Labour Agreement signed by this Local and Celgar Pulp Company. They shall report any such violations to the Chairperson of the Standing Committee.

(c) Shop Stewards shall have a copy of the National Constitution, Local By-Laws, Labour Agreement, Bull Sessions and Company Rules at ready access to them at all times.

(d) Shop Stewards will approach any new employee in their department after said employees have worked eight (8) hours and in the event said employees are not members of this Local, advise them of the manner in which they can become members.

(e) Shop Stewards shall hear and take down in writing on forms provided, all grievances of members of their department. Should they fail to obtain satisfaction, they shall place the grievance with the Standing Committee.

(f) Shop Stewards shall see to the best of their ability that each member in their department is advised of impending meetings. Impress upon members the importance and advisability of attending meetings.

(g) The Chief Shop Steward shall be elected by referendum ballot annually, as per Article 6. He/she then shall be a Member of the Standing Committee, serve on the Local Executive Board, and serve as picket captain during strikes and lockouts.


(a) The Local Union shall have the right to levy on its members, for special purposes, such assessments as may be determined by a two-thirds majority vote of the members at a Membership Meeting, providing notice of the assessment and the amount thereof has been posted for at least seven (7) days prior to the vote. The amount of the assessment may be decreased at the Membership Meeting, but may not be increased.

(b) Any member who does not pay his/her dues, fines or assessments is, at midnight of the 60th day, following the day such fines or assessments become due and payable, automatically suspended from membership. While under suspension, a member forfeits all rights, benefits and privileges of any and all kinds provided by the National Constitution or Local By-Laws. A suspended member shall be reinstated upon payment of all monies owing plus a reinstatement fee of ten (10) dollars.


(a) The Local Union shall establish such Committees as it may require and shall delegate specific duties and powers to them. All Committees will render reports promptly to the Local Union and deliver all funds collected or held by them to the Financial Secretary and perform such other acts and in such manner as the Local Union may from time to time direct.

(b) The Standing Committee shall consist of the 1st Vice-President as Chairman, 2nd Vice-President, Chief Shop Stewart and two (2) members to be elected by ballot. Should the need arise, the Standing Committee may call on any member or group of members of the Local for assistance. At no time will there be less than three (3) members of the Local present at meetings with the Company Standing Committee. The Standing Committee shall be the second stage in the grievance procedure and at no time will they be empowered to contravene the Labour Agreement.

(c) The Negotiating Committee shall consist of three (3) elected members and two (2) alternates elected by referendum ballot.

(d) The Safety Committee shall consist of the Safety Chairman and the following area reps: Steam and Recovery, Woodroom, Yard, Machine Room, Maintenance and Pulping Group. All to be elected by referendum ballot.

(e) All other Committees may be appointed by the President, or by the Executive Board. Such appointments shall be ratified at the first regular meeting following the appointment.

(f) The Unity Committee shall consist of three (3) members. The Local President will be a permanent chairperson. It shall be his/her duty to appoint two (2) unbiased members to fill out the committee. A new committee shall be appointed to consider each case to come from the membership. Any decision of the Unity Committee shall be placed before the membership in the correct manner at a General Membership Meeting for consideration. Approval may be given or withheld by vote of the membership at a General Membership Meeting.

(g) Environmental Chairperson shall be responsible for all duties concerning environmental matters.

(h) The Health and Welfare Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, both to be elected by referendum ballot. Committee members will be appointed as required. The Committee shall be responsible for matters pertaining to the Health and Welfare Plan, Pension Plan, Employee and Family Assistance Program, W.C.B. and Weekly Indemnity claims and any other matters concerning the health and welfare of Union members. Eg. sending flowers and/or cards to members who are ill, arranging television for hospitalized members etc.

(i) All delegates and committees shall make a report of their activities at each regular meeting and submit a copy of this report to the Recording Secretary for the Local’s files.


(a) The local unions have the right to discipline any member for a violation of the National Constitution, Local By-Laws, decisions of regular or special membership meetings or the working rules, only after a fair hearing and a majority vote at the local union meeting.

(b) The accused shall have a right to have a member of the local union act as his counsel.

(c) The local union after such hearing shall, if the accused is found guilty, have the right to impose any or all of the following penalties:

1. Reprimand member
2. Assess the member to a maximum of one thousand (1000) dollars for each violation.
3. Recommend to the National Convention that he/she be expelled. Any member found guilty and recommended for expulsion will be ineligible to hold office.

(d) The person(s) shall have the right to appeal to the next National Convention only after written notification has been received by the National Union and Local Union concerned, at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the National Convention, and if less than thirty (30) days, this appeal will be referred to next National Convention, unless good and sufficient cause is shown for abridgement of this time limit. The person(s) shall have the right to choose a member of the National Union to act as his or her counsel. However, the decision of the Local Union will stand unless and until reversed on appeal.

(e) The National Convention has the power to expel upon recommendation of the Local Union as aforesaid, and in any appeal may:

1. Affirm the conviction and the penalty imposed.
2. Affirm the conviction and substitute another penalty for the penalty imposed.
3. Reverse the conviction and order the Local Union to repay any assessment(s) and costs incurred.


Local Union By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote at any meeting providing that notice of motion giving details of the amendment has been posted at least seven (7) days prior to the vote.

All provisions of all chartered local union By-Laws not contained herein shall be of any effect until approved in writing by the National Executive Board.

The National Constitution shall take precedence over these By-Laws.

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