A Union Built on the Shoulders of Giants
PPWC Local 1 News

Welcome to the new website of Public and Private Workers of Canada (PPWC) Local 1, representing 340 workers from the Zellstoff Celgar Pulp Mill in Castlegar, British Columbia. The Public and Private Workers of Canada is a proudly democratic union that includes thousands of workers throughout the province.

Our local was the very first of the PPWC, founded in 1963, and our commitment to workers’ rights, environmental sustainability and social justice is stronger than ever.

A Proudly Democratic, Canadian Union

National Independence

If we believe that Canada should resist the constant efforts of other nations to control our economic and political affairs, then we must also subscribe to the position that the Canadian workers have control of their own affairs.

Canadian Union Control

It is to the credit of the PPWC and the Confederation of Canadian Unions (of which we are a member) that over 70 per cent of Canadian workers now belong to Canadian-based unions.

Membership Control

Canadian union members should have the right to make any and all decisions concerning their welfare. That can only come about when the leaders of our unions are regularly elected by the rank-and-file members

Benefits to Canadian Workers

Only with the establishment of democratically-controlled Canadian unions will workers be able to formulate policies and bargaining demands in tune with Canadian needs.

Old Challenges, New Opportunities: The Story of the PPWC

A new documentary has been produced by the PPWC, which focuses on its proud history and its struggle for workers’ rights, environmental sustainability and social justice. Be sure to watch it in HD by clicking on the tiny circle in the bottom right corner when the video starts and then switch to 1080p HD.

For half a century, the PPWC has maintained its core principles through times good and bad. Predicting the slowdown in the pulp and paper industry in Canada, the union has fought hard to expand its membership to education, hospitality and health care workers.


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