Dated January 2012

A. Meetings/Office

A1. There shall be no smoking during Union meetings.

A2. When unity charges are to be read, the Executive shall use discretion and read the charges only.
Feb. 9, 1988

A3. Use of Union office equipment, files, computer, fax etc. be limited to the Executive, any member who is accompanied by an Executive, the office secretary and such committee as approved by the local membership or executive meeting.
Dec. 10, 1991

A4. Reports at General Membership Meetings will be limited to 5 minutes where possible.
Apr. 14,1992

A5. The regular office secretary shall be paid lost wages for jury duty.
July 11, 1995

A6. The regular office secretary shall be paid 8 hrs for each recognized Statutory Holiday (11).
Jan. 13, 2004

A7. The regular office secretary shall be paid a bonus of 3.5 times base rate as a Christmas bonus.
Feb. 11, 2003


B. Donations/Gifts

B1. PPWC Local #1 awards two twelve hundred dollar ($1200.00) bursaries annually to sons and daughters, and stepchildren of PPWC Local #1 Members at any school as per guidelines set out in attachment Jan. 14, 2003.
Oct.12, 2004

B2. Members who are confined to their beds while in hospital shall have their T.V. paid for.
Nov. 14,1995

B3. Local #1 will send flowers or make a donation to a fund such as heart, cancer, etc. when a retired member or someone from the immediate family of a current member passes away. To a limit of seventy five dollars ($75.00).
Jan. 9, 1996

B4. Donate $500.00 annually to the Legion Christmas Fund.
Nov. 12, 2006

B5. Donate $500.00 yearly to the Markin /Lightle Memorial golf tournament upon notification from the organizers.
June 12, 2001

B6. Donate $2,500.00 to the children’s Christmas party annually.
Feb. 12, 2008

B7. To give $200.00 and a Christmas card annually to the members on L.T.D.
Nov. 14, 2000

B8. The local will give each retiree a cheque for $1000.00 which he or she can pick up at one of the next three general membership meetings after their retirement date. Members retiring on LTD will have their cheque mailed to them.
Sept. 12, 2000

B9. The Local purchase a wreath for Remembrance Day each year.
Oct. 14, 2003

B10. The Local will reimburse it’s team(s) the cost of registration for the annual P.P.W.C. Hockey Tournament after the team(s) return from playing in the tournament.
April 10, 2007


C. Union Business

C1. One day a week will be allowed for an Executive Member to do Union Business, as authorized by the President.
Oct. 14, 1980

C2. Union Business Out of Town Guide Lines:

If a member is on Union Business out of town, he/she will be entitled to:

A. Travel:Return air fare, and Ferry Fare. If he/she chooses to use their vehicle they will be reimbursed on a Kilometre basis for the use of their vehicle at the same rate as the National reimburses it’s representatives. If a member chooses to drive, it should not be at any extra costs to the Local with regard to wages, per diem, accommodations, etc.
May 10 1994

B. Per Diem: Shall be three times base rate.
Feb. 9, 1988

C. Hotel: Accommodation in a hotel approved by the Local. If possible members should travel on the first and/or last day of Union Business.
Apr. 12, 1988

C3. When members are on scheduled Union Business and do not qualify for a full days Per Diem, breakfast shall be (20%), lunch (30%) and dinner (50%) of full days Per Diem.
Jan. 6, 1997

C4. Telephone Call Guide Lines:

A. A maximum of twenty dollars per week will be paid by the Local for personal calls for delegates away on Union Business.

B. All normal long distance calls are to be made between the hours of 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM whenever possible.

C. Collect, Third Party Billing and other Operator Assisted calls should be made only in Emergency Situations when a person is away on Union Business.
July 5, 1988

C5. Members can defer holiday pay earned while working for Local #1. This pay is to be given to the member on or around the 15th of January in the following year in which it was earned.


D. Committees

D1. When any Executive member meets officially with the Company, he/she shall have another
Executive member present.
January 9, 1996

D2. The Safety Chairman shall pick one additional member who shall attend the Joint Safety Conference.
Feb. 11, 1997

D3. No less than two members of the Negotiating Team shall meet with the Company at any one time.

D4. While in mediation, only one member of our Wage Delegation shall be in Vancouver, unless an important issue comes up.

D5. Elections for the Apprenticeship (3), Contracting Out (3-5), Rehabilitation & Reintegration (1), Social (up to 3), Bursary (up to 3), Job Evaluation (3) Committees, as well as 3-year terms for CTN Holdings Directors (2), shall be held by write in ballot at the February General Membership meeting.

The Health & Welfare Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall automatically hold 2 of the 3 positions required on the Rehabilitation & Reintegration Committee. Notice of said election shall be posted at the mill site 7 days in advance of the meeting.
Jan 10, 2012

D6. A unity committee will convene within 60 days of charges being laid.
May 14, 1996

D7. Local maintain a minimum balance in the Defence fund of $150,000.00.
Mar 11,1997

D8. Only Standing Committee is allowed to seek legal council to research grievances that may proceed to arbitration.
Nov. 11, 2003

D9. Letters of acceptance for Executive and Committee positions shall not be read out in correspondence. They will be read out at elections when the persons name is called.
Dec. 12, 2001

D10. Local #1 be involved in the Job Evaluation Plan.
June 13, 2000

D11. Local #1 is to send our N.E.B. Representative to each quarterly meeting.
Feb 10, 2004

D12. Local #1 is to send three(3) Convention Delegates, and the N.E.B. Rep, to the annual PPWC National Convention.
Feb 10, 2004


E. Job Positions

E1. Until such time as a letter of agreement is established for temporary supervisor relief, move ups will not be allowed by the union.
Sept. 11, 1990

E2. When a member moves to Leadhand position, the union shall push the company that the Leadhand actually do the work and is not merely paid the rate.

E3. When a person signs a bypass they are signing a bypass for a job category, not a move in the line of progression. That is, a person on a bypass will not move beyond the senior position in his job category.
August 11, 1992

E4. Job descriptions made up for Celgar by P.P.W.C. Local #1 members must be submitted to the Union Standing Committee before being submitted to the Company.
Jan. 9, 1996

E5. No member of Local #1 holding a certification in a trade will be allowed to seek
certification in another trade, either through apprenticeship, or through some other
means offered by Celgar Pulp.


F. Miscellaneous

F1. Pensioners of PPWC Local #1 shall be notified by letter of any social functions.
Feb. 12, 1980

F2. When a picket line is put up, two hours be given for an orderly shutdown.
June 9, 1992

F3. Picketing Guide Lines:
No individual or group of individuals shall put up a picket line without prior consent from an overall majority decision from two Special General Meetings. The meetings will be held so that all employees or shift workers have the opportunity to attend one of the meetings.

A. The mill shall continue to operate.

B. A phone call system to be set up to notify as many members as possible to inform them of the purpose and times of the meetings.

C. The Local shall put notices of the meeting times on the local radio.

D. Notice of times and purpose of meetings to be posted on bulletin boards if time permits.
Oct. 11, 1988

F4 Local #1 hold an installation dinner annually for the members of the Executive and their partner during the month of February. The Local will pay a maximum of $60 (plus tip) /per person for this event.
Jan. 9, 2001

F5 The office secretary and spouse may attend the Local #1 annual executive dinner.
Jan.14 1997

F6 The membership at large so affected by any bargaining process have a vote to accept or reject any final offer prior to a wage caucus vote on that offer. Feb.13, 1996

F7 Local #1 reserves the right to strike on Local issues while at the same time we guarantee to pay our portion of the strike support to the pattern mill if required. June 11, 1996

F8 Local #1 will assist other workers who wish to be organized and become sub locals of Local #1
Oct. 12, 2010

F9 No member of Local #1 will work on any equipment that is locked out by a supervisor
Oct. 14, 1997

F10 No member of PPWC Local #1, that is working as a Tour Worker (4&4 schedule) shall work a shift during a block of holiday time off, that would prevent that member from having less that seven (7) consecutive days off. Unless, the Company has exhausted all other resources available to them, including the use of trained Relief Pool employees.
Dec. 11, 2001

F11 Local #1 will hold a Labour Day picnic annually.
Sept 11, 2001

F12 Local #1 does not participate in the companies group safety incentive programs.
June 11, 2002

F13 Local #1 does not accept financial liability for legal advice, unless approved by the
executive and the General Membership.
Sept 14, 1999

F14 No member of Local #1 shall attend any voluntary training or meetings that would cause the crew to run shorthanded.
Oct. 7, 2002

F1 Local #1 officers will take a strong position of support for the PPWC at every opportunity and will strongly oppose any efforts to join or consider joining any other union without the express approval of the General Membership
Oct. 7, 2002

F18 Monies from the Defence Fund shall only be withdrawn while attempting either locally or jointly to obtain a collective agreement.
Feb 12, 2008

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